ARO pneumatic cylinders are available in composite, round line repairable or disposable, and NFPA square interchangeable models. Silverair, Economair, and Provenair are our most popular lines.

Our cylinders range from small bore, repairable double-acting cylinders and medium bore, disposable single-acting cylinders for light duty applications to NFPA interchangeable square head cylinders for rugged use. We offer a variety of bore sizes, stroke lengths and mounting styles to meet a wide range of application requirements. Customize your air cylinder with optional cushions, magnetic pistons, double rod ends, oversized rods or rotated ports.

Many of our air cylinder models are available prelubed, so they’re suitable for operations without externally applied lubrication. With a stainless steel or aluminum cylinder body, ARO models are designed to be cost-effective and corrosion resistant.

We also offer a full line of cylinder accessories, including mounts, rod end accessories, alignment couples, cylinder-mounted electrical switches, flow control valves, volume chambers and repair kits.