Adhesives and sealants are commonly used for a wide range of
applications, including automotive assembly, window and door
manufacturing, OEM glass supply, home and commercial appliance
assembly, solar panel construction and electronic manufacturing.

No matter what your need, consistency and accuracy are vital when
applying adhesive and sealants to ensure durability and leak-free
performance. Our piston pumps and adhesive application systems are
expertly designed to handle:

  • Dispensing, spraying or injecting materials with high
    precision, including epoxy, acrylic, silicone, polyurethane and
  • Tackling tough materials, such as high-abrasive thermal
    paste, humidity-sensitive PUR adhesive or corrosive methyl-acrylate
  • Proper adhesion and sealing of insulated glass
  • Transferring medium- to high-viscosity materials from
    5/55 gallon containers

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Industrial and manufacturing
professionals have relied on ARO products since 1930. Our pumps
deliver the power, versatility and dependability you need to keep
things moving.

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